Resources for Families During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Visit the aquarium, create something new, and other family-friendly activities to do from your home.
March 24, 2020

Family friendly ideas to pass the time

It's amazing to see the creativity that has emerged out of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world. We see restaurants shifting to entirely takeout and delivery menus with countless campaigns to support their employees. People are mass singing and putting on neighborhood concerts from their balconies. Thousands of fitness, learning, and other resources have been made available online. Video conferencing has become an essential way to maintain relationships with the people we love. Even the other day I looked out my window to see a family singing "Happy Birthday" to one of their family members from their car. There's so much we can do with our families to spend time together and stay connected.

Let your creativity flourish!

This time can be challenging to explain how we're feeling. It's an adjustment for adults and kids alike. Sometimes one age group is better at explaining their feelings than others. Other times, we just don't know how to express ourselves. Use this as an opportunity to explore a new creative outlet.

Create on a Virtual Whiteboard

Even though Miro is mainly for teams to work together in the same space, it's an incredible collaboration tool that allows anyone to participate. Just set up a board, send it to your friends, and create! You can collaborate with your friends in realtime on the board even allowing for video chat. The whole Collective loves Miro and its ability to connect us across the world.

Visually Build Out a Website

Webflow might look daunting at first, but it is an incredibly useful tool for building out websites without code. It's easy for young designers to learn especially if they have experience with programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. Work on a project together, maybe create a family website. The opportunities with Webflow because it's so intuitive to use.

Psychedelic Coloring Sheets from Designers

Some of our favorite design agencies partnered together to create a pdf full of different sheets to print out and color in. There are over 20 pages of sheets to get funky with. Color in between the lines, or not! These designs are sure to keep your creative juices flowing!

Coloring Sheets from Museums

The University of Minnesota's Wangsteen Historical Library has a series of images available to download and color. I personally think these are incredibly cool because the drawings are from their special collections and are super intricate! I highly recommend checking these out!

Organize A Scavenger Hunt

Honestly, the camp counselor in me is saying that this would be so much fun. While you might not be able to explore are your city, you can absolutely organize a scavenger hunt around your house or even around your block. This is cool too since it allows a lot of creativity with each station.

Learn Coding

If you can code, you can dodge a ball. Well, that might not be true, but if you can code you can do a lot. Chances are there's someone in your family who wants to start learning how to build things with code. Codeverse sends a box that introduces your child to coding with activities for them to follow online.

Bake Banana Bread

This is by far the best banana bread recipe ever. I make it all the time and it's super easy. Plus, it's a great activity to do with the kids who can do the banana mashing. Finally, banana bread is a super forgiving bake, so who cares if a little extra sugar or something gets thrown in there. Definitely don't skip on the nuts or chocolate chips though!

Make Fancy Popcorn

It's a video of David Burtka making fancy popcorn with his kids.

Visit the zoo!

Zoos across the country have live cameras that show the animals hanging out. A few of the zoos have even talked about how the lack of human visitors have encouraged the animals to be more active and animated. I'm a big fan of the Georgia Aquarium since they've got the cutest sea otters.

Cincinnati Zoo Virtual Activity

San Diego Zoo Live Cameras

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cameras

Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

Houston Zoo Live Cameras

Georgia Aquarium Live Cameras

Learn about art and history on a virtual museum tour!

Even before the time of COVID-19, museums all over the world have embraced the idea of virtual tours! The museums range from History to Art. There are a bunch of museums that partnered with Google to make their halls and galleries accessible virtually. One of my personal favorites is the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City. Check out the list below:

British Museum in London

Guggenheim Museum in New York City

National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

Musée d’Orsay in Paris

National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea

Pergamon Museum in Berlin

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Museu de Arte de São Paulo in São Paulo

Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City

Louvre in Paris

Take a virtual field trip!

Who says that the Magic School Bus isn't real!? There are a lot of places you can go even without Ms. Frizzle:

Take a rocket ship to Mars

Explore Canadian farming practices

Learn about Polar Bears in the Canadian tundra

Blast off to the Johnson Space Center

Learn about STEM programs in the United States

Visit the Great Wall of China

Easier homeschooling with educational services!

There are tons of educational services that have been converted to be online. Plus, every day it seems like another service is making their classes, resources, and expertise available online for kids to learn. Maybe this is an opportunity to discover a new subject or passion!

Scholastic Learn at Home

Khan Academy

Cool Math

Exploratorium Online Learning Resources

Digital Pre-School

Relax and watch some videos!

Numerous streaming services have made their kid-focused video libraries available. After a day of trying to keep everyone together, why not take a break and watch something you and your kids love? If you don't have a subscription to these services, most of them can be found online. Otherwise, Youtube Kids is a great resource too!

Youtube Kids

PBS Kids


Amazon Prime Video


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Shout out to Levi Baer and the incredible Second Shift Chicago team for compiling these resources!

Also, thank you Chorkung for the amazing illustrations! Check out his incredible work on behance.

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