koalas are in trouble

In light of the bush fires that ravaged Australia, we've partnered with the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to help the adorable fur babies.

Prior to 2019 koalas were dealing with countless threats like vehicles, STIs, and habitat loss; with the fires, koalas are left to be exceptionally at risk with the deletion of their food source and homes.1

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Adelaide wildlife rescuer Simon Adamczyk carries a rescued koala at a burning forest near Cape Borda, on Kangaroo Island, southwest of Adelaide, Australia, on January 7, 2020.
David Mariuz / AAP Image via Reuters

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Due to Climate Change and Habitat Loss Koalas are on a long road to recovery

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A koala named Paul, from the Lake Innes Nature Reserve, is treated for burns at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, in Port Macquarie, Australia, on November 29, 2019.
Nathan Edwards / Getty
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about Port Macquarie Koala Hospital


The Koala Hospital was established in 1973 as part of Koala Conservation Australia Incorporated - a non-profit based in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia dedicated to the treatment and advocation of koalas throughout the region.3


With over 140 volunteers, the hospital is able to admit >200 koalas annually. Depending on the condition, age, and origin of the koala the hospital is equipped to provide treatment in their facilities.4


Since the fires, the hospital has admitted two koalas to undergo rehabilitation. They have also placed over 34 drinking stations across the fire damaged regions to provide water to koalas in transit.5


The hospital consists of a treatment room, 8 Intensive Care Units, 6 outdoor intensive care units and 33 rehabilitation yards, many of which have trees for koalas to learn to climb as part of the rehabilitation process.


The most common cases they see are koalas that are injured by motor vehicle accidents and dog attacks. The hospital also routinely treats patients for chlamydia.


The Koala Hospital frequently participates with University Sydney, University Technology Queensland, and the Australian Museum in researching koala diseases.4

Q & A

how long do the shirts take to ship?

shirts will take about 12-15 business days to ship out.

what sizes are available?

we have sizes available for adults in XS, S, M, L, and XL.

what type of t-shirt is it?

the shirts are crewneck tees. They consist of a poly-cotton blend that makes them super washing machine and dryer friendly. They're so soft, it feels like you're getting hugged by a Koala.

who are you guys?

hi! We're 409 Co. a group of creative individuals scattered across the world looking to create positive change through thoughtful design. you can find out more about us here.

why are you doing this?

over the past year we've been feeling pretty frustrated by what's going on in the world, so instead of feeling sad, we wanted to do something about it. so, this is our first passion project where we are actively putting out creative good.


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